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Doctor Permission/Treatment Forms


Clients: If you think your medical condition may need a doctors clearance before receiving a massage, please click on the link below entitled Physician's Permission Form and bring it with you to your massage session after the doctor has completed it. If you are in doubt, please call me at 618.578.1808 or email me: kuhlmassage@gmail.com   Thank you.

Physician's Permission form

M.D, D.C., P.T., Use this form below to give to your patient before I start any massage sessions to inform me of how many treatments they should receive for their condition. Thank you. 

Physician's Referral form

For Client Use Only:

I'm very open to suggestions, recommendations and constructive criticsm to improve my massage practice. Please click on the link below entitled Client Feedback form and email it to me or bring it with you to receive a $5.00 discount on your next visit.

Client Feedback form



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