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Military in Bond County


Effective: June 27th: I will be asking any military moms to join our facebook page; Military Moms in Bond Co, IL. Username: https://www.facebook.com/bocomoms


We will "reactive" the group and all parents are welcome to join. If your son or daughter is a Bond County native and is in the military, please contact me at boconavymom@gmail.com or call 618.578.1808.

Currently, we are displaying 5 x7 pictures of our military in the Greenville Huddle House until we find a permanent location. (Greenville Elementary has also decided to recognize our military in the same way. Please drop off the pictures at Door #3, attention: Linda Walker.)

We also have a Sponsor a Hero Program available to our businesses or organziations if you would like to "adopt" a hero for a year and send them care packages, encouraging notes and greeting cards.

Thank you for your support of our military!


(Retired Army Wife and Navy Mom)




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