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Updated July 7, 2015:


1. My son is in the Navy and he has 1 more upcoming graduation before being assigned to his regular duty station. (Yes, I have been going months without seeing him at times since he joined in Feb. 2014) So, if I book your appointment at his next graduation time (around November), or if he comes home for Thanksgiving or Christmas; I would like to reschedule your appointment please. I appreciate your understanding of these important life events. I'm a proud Navy MOM! Thank you. 


2. My massage schedule is booked 6 months ahead as of early this spring. I allow 180 days in advance to book your appointments online with the understanding that I may need to change your appointment if there are any unforeseen circumstances such as illness or routine doctors appointments. Honestly, how many people can predict their life 6 months from now? :) Sauna and Biomat appointments are readily available even with short notice.

I can place your name on a cancellation list at your request. Please email or text me to be on this list. Thank you. 


3. If you cannot wait to get a massage from me, there are other competant massage therapists in Bond County that I can recommend. I also recommend David Belcher who is a traveling therapist that can accommodate more evening slots. His number is 618.339.5869.


Thank you for your patience and understanding and I truly am blessed to have you as my clients.

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