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Hands for Heroes Partner

Kuhl Massage has joined forces with Hands for Heroes to provide 5 FREE massages per month to our Nation's Veterans. 

Please let everyone you know that I will provide 5 sessions at 60 minutes each, per month, to anyone who is a Veteran of our United States. Limit ONE per Veteran please.

Call: 618.578.1808 or book online at the Make An Appointment here tab.

Please provide verification such as your DD-214, VFW membership card, etc.

I encourage any other healthcare professional to join forces with us to provide our Veterans with the care they deserve. www.handsforheroes.net

"MISSION: The mission of Hands for Heroes™ is to make available to our returning Veterans, Bodywork Therapy through numerous health care centers and individuals across the U.S.

GOAL: One Million Massages! The Goal of Hands for Heroes™ is to enlist numerous partners in providing free Bodywork Therapy services to Veterans. Our ultimate goal is to provide one million Bodywork Therapy sessions." Hands for Heroes

Thank you

(Limit ONE free massage per person until we reach all our Veterans)



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