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My Friends, Family and Collegues will NOT watch this movie in March/April! This is degrading to our profession and we have worked hard as Licensed Massage Therapists to delete the word "masseuse" in our verbage because of its negative connotation of "happy endings" in the massage room. We prefer massage THERAPY because that is what we provide; soft tissue THERAPY. We have studied hard (at least 500 hours of education or more), give heart, soul, and mind to this occupation and deserve more respect than what this move is relaying! We are required to have 24 hours every two years of education and some of those required hours are ETHICS!

We are LICENSED PROFESSIONALS! I'm more than angry about this and cannot say the words I'm thinking on how it makes me feel to have this movie portray us as a paid  wh_ _ _! I will be expressing my views everywhere I can because it is not fair to us who are ethical and professional in our jobs! I was a single mom and worked 2 - 3 jobs to survive and didn't resort to Jennifer's role as a solution. Why is Lifetime trying to convince the public that every massage therapist will now provide clients more than just therapy???? Please consider NOT watching this and express your views to the network on our behalf. It's ridiculous! Thank you!



Thank you to all my clients who came to participate in the picture to be featured in the April/May 2011 issue of Different Strokes. Without you, I never would be successful and I appreciate your business!

If anyone ever travels via Ontario, CA airport, feel free to visit the USO facility at their old terminal. Its one of the largest USO's in the country and it accommodates all ages. There is a family room with TV, DVD, baby crib, toddler bed, & couch, a media room, a library, a game room, a kitchen and a sleeping room in the back. I was there for 2 hours on New Years day with my 15 year old and 3 year old and they didn't want to leave since they were having so much fun. My 15 year old was playing the electric guitar and my 3 year old was playing foosball. The personnel wanted me to spread the word about their facility back at Fort Irwin. Just take the FREE shuttle bus to Daily Lot 5 and tell the driver you want to go to the USO!! It was a great experience on a stressful day. I may even volunteer to massage up there on occasion.


Fort Irwin residents: Hair Dresser in Apple Valley.

Call Hebe Amescua @ 760 964 1217 for an awesome cut and color! She is located at Le Chateau De Soul in Apple Valley. Its easy to get to, she has a great personality, efficient and high quality. Tell her I sent you for special discounts! Go Army!



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